Players must roll dice to discover the exact age of their characters, but they have the choice of creating either a young or mature individual.

Throw the dice as indicated. If a young character is wanted, use the first instruction given; for an older character, use the second.

Humans: 6D6 / 6D10 years
Wood Elves: 10D12 / 10D20 years
Dwarfs: 9D12 / 9D20 years
Halflings: 10D6 / 10D12 years
Gnomes: 8D10 / 8D20 years

If the result is less than 16, roll again, adding the new score to the old.

Note down the age of your character on your record sheet.

In addition to adding detail to the character concept, the age serves an important function in deciding how many additional skills a character gets during character creation.