The the Moot we call this herb Shiverweed. It is also known as Zitterwort in the Empire, Trema in Tilea, and Gysenblat in Norsca. The Elves call it Echryddeillen. it grows in open grasslands where the soil is well-drained but not too sandy. To prepare it, pick the leaves, strip and discard the stalks, and hang up to dry beside the fireplace for at least a week. This herb is useful for improving air circulation and also for helping a patient sweat out a heavy cold. Never use it for a fever, since it can cause the patient's temperature to rise. To use the herb, add the leaves to a dish of boiling water, let stand for a minute or two until the water begins to take on a little colour, and then let the patient inhale the fumes for three or four minutes. After this time, the patient should start to shake; make him comfortable and keep an eye on him for three or four hours. If the trembling has not subsided by this time, you may safely administer a mild sedative. Dispose of the infusion carefully and never let it be drunk - it can cause fatal convulsions if taken internally.


Rare. Autumn. Grasslands.


1 GC and 5 GCs.

Method Of ApplicationEdit



1 week.


1 week.






Inhaling the fumes from an infusion of Agurk causes mild shaking unless a successful T test is made (Immunity To Poison +10). If the test is failed, the fumes cause mild shaking (Dex -20) for D4 hours.

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