Basic Profile
M 4
WS 33
BS 0
S 3
T 5
W 11
I 30
A 3
Dex -
Ld 0
Int 0
Cl 0
WP 0
Fel -
Amoebae are huge, single-celled creatures with bodies made of soft, jelly-like protoplasm, hence their popular names of jellies, slimes, and blobs. They flow over solid surfaces or swim through liquids with an undulating motion and can move over almost any surface, including walls and ceilings, seeping through even the narrowest of cracks and crevices.

Amoebae feed upon all forms of living matter, including fungi, mosses, plants, and animals. Their usual diet is dead animal tissue, but they will attack living creatures equally readily, flowing forward to engulf the victim. Food is absorbed directly through the cell wall and is digested by powerful enzymes. Amoebae have no capacity to absorb minerals or metals, which pass out of their bodies unharmed. They are not sensitive to light and sound, but can detect heat and are able to sense food by touch. They are drawn toward sources of heat, which they associate with food, but they will shrink from naked flame, once it has wounded them. Extremes of cold also repel them.


Amoebae are completely formless. They can reach almost any size, although they rarely exceed ten feet in length. Colours vary; most are grey or whitish, but many are transparent.



Psychological TraitsEdit

Amoebae are not affected by any psychology and cannot be forced to retreat from combat, except by heat or cold.

Special RulesEdit

In combat, amoebae advance relentlessly, forcing their opponents to give ground or be engulfed. Engulfed opponents are drawn inside the amoeba's body, where they receive one additional W per round, irrespective of modifiers. Characters engulfed by an amoeba are capable of fighting so long as they remain alive, but can only be released if the amoeba is slain.

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