Basic Profile
M 4
WS 33
BS 0
S 4
T 3
W 11
I 60
A 1
Dex -
Ld 14
Int 5
Cl 43
WP 43
Fel -
An amphisbaena is a very large snake with a head at both ends. In combat, the creature can make a bite attack in any two directions at once, as well as being able to wrap itself around its victim (this counts as a constriction attack) and possibly pinning him or her. An amphisbaena can survive with only one head.

Like all snakes, amphisbaena have poor eyesight, but are able to sense warm-blooded creatures accurately within twenty yards. Lanterns or torches will confuse them, reducing their I by D6 x 10 for that round.


A giant snake, with a head at either end. An amphisbaena can reach over twenty feet long and even a small one would be over ten feet.



Psychological TraitsEdit

Amphisbaenae fear fire, but otherwise they are immune to all psychology rules. They cause fear in living creatures under ten feet tall.

Special RulesEdit

Amphisbaenae may bite with either end or both heads or may constrict. Characters hit by a constriction attack must check to see whether their arms are free or not and can only escape either by making a test against S x 10 or by killing the creature. Bite attacks are venomous and characters failing a Poison test (T x 10) will die in 2D6 rounds.

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