Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition Wiki

Characters with this skill can train animals to perform certain duties or tricks. The skill is general and applies to horses, dogs, hawks, and other pets, as well as suitable wild animals. Any non-fantastic animal can be trained (unless otherwise noted), as long as it has an Int of 6 or more. The more complicated the task is, the longer it takes to teach, as the following guidelines show:

Obey simple verbal command in the character's presence 1 week
Count, balance balls, perform party tricks 3 weeks
Fetch items or obey commands whilst out of the character's presence 10 weeks
Train a fighting animal, such as a hawk, warhorse, or guard dog 12 weeks

The training must be appropriate to the animal. A warhorse could be taught to remain absolutely still, even in the midst of great excitement and the smell of blood; a hawk will obey 'Attack' and 'Return' commands or return to a lure.

The loyalties of a trained animal cannot always be transferred to a new owner. The gamesmaster should determine if this occurs. Warhorses would probably accept a new owner, whilst dogs would be less likely to do so.

The skill additionally confers a +10% modifier to all Employment tests for work as retainers, stable lads, falconers, or whichever is appropriate.