The caster is able to animate a normal, non-magical sword and endow it with a temporary life of its own. The animated sword acts independently of the caster, flying through the air and fighting as the caster wishes.

The weapon's profile is:









57 0 4 5 6 2

For each round after the first, the caster must expend a further two magic points to maintain the spell , plus one point for each hit scored on the sword by its opponent(s) during the previous round. The caster may cast other spells while maintaining the sword, but may not use Meditation skill to recover magic points. If the sword is wounded to zero or less, use the Sudden Death Table; if the sword is 'killed', the spell ends immediately. The spell also ends if the sword goes out of sight of the caster - such as entering a building or turning a corner in a passageway.

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