Animate Tree
Spell Details
Spell Level Druidic 3
Magic Points 10 plus 4 per round
Range Touch
Duration 1+ turns
Ingredients A seed or berry from the type of tree to be animated
This spell enables the caster to animate one tree; effectively it becomes a Treeman under the caster's control. The animated tree has all the characteristics and abilities of a Treeman. The caster must touch the tree to effect the transformation and must maintain concentration while the tree is animated; the Druidic Priest may move, but fighting or spellcasting breaks concentration, as does being wounded. If the caster is hit but not wounded, the Druidic Priest must make a WP test to maintain concentration.

The spell costs 10 magic points and lasts for 1 turn; it may be extended at an additional cost of 4 magic points per round.

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