Unreasoning hatred. A character suffers Animosity against:

01-15 The opposite sex of his/her own race
16-75 A friendly race selected by the gamesmaster
76-80 Characters of friendly races but of a specific current career class (D4: 1 - Warrior, 2 - Ranger, 3 - Rogue, 4 - Academic)
81-90 All friendly characters
91-00 A particular person, group, or religion, decided by the GM

If characters are subject to animosity towards a particular creature or group of creatures, a Cl test should be made every time they encounter the objects of their animosity. If the test is failed, the character will attack immediately, using weapons if necessary. If the test is made, there is still a -10% modifier to all Fel tests between characters and the objects of their animosity.

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