Characters with this skill can speak, read, and write one of the arcane languages. Arcane languages are used only for the purposes of magic and they are never spoken merely to communicate - indeed that would be largely impossible. All books, scrolls, and other inscriptions of a truly magical nature are written in one of the secret arcane languages. A magical book or inscription may be written in an ordinary language, but it will have no power to teach a magical spell and will not in itself be magical - it would be a mere curiosity.

There are six different arcane languages. The characters will know the language indicated from the career description.

Magick: This is the usual language humans use for magical purposes in the Old World. Almost all scrolls are written in Magick and all wizards, as well as many other privileged characters, can utilise it.

Old Slann: A very old language, encountered only in very ancient and rare artifacts and books.

Arcane Dwarfish: Known only to the Dwarf Magicians. It bears a resemblance to ordinary Dwarfish, but it is far more subtle. It is extremely rare. Most Dwarf practitioners of magic use Magick instead.

Arcane Elvish: Known only to the Elf Magicians. As with Arcane Dwarfish, the language is based upon an ancient form of the present-day tongue, but is far more powerful. It is used only in the Elf Homelands and by wandering High or Sea Elves. It is not know at all to the Elves of the Old World, who use Magick for their own purposes.

Druidic: The tongue of the Old Druids as spoken by the most ancient of men who inhabited the Old World in days of Old. It is extremely rare, although it can be found inscribed upon many of the ancient tombs and artifacts of the Old World.

Daemonic: This is language spoken by daemons and used in all daemonic conjurations.

Runic: Those familiar with the runic language can decipher the basic meaning of any non-magical runes or pictographs used by ancient civilisations. These include the kingdoms of ancient Araby, the Slann lands in the Southlands and Lustria, and etchings on ancient megaliths in remote parts of the world. Characters with this skill are permitted an Int test when faced with an unfamiliar runic script; a success allows the general intent to be understood, with successes of 30 or greater leading to a fairly detailed understanding of the message and failures of 30 or more indicating a significant misinterpretation.

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