Artists can paint, sculpt, or produce other works of art. Some are limited in the type of work they can do as defined under the appropriate career. Whatever their talent, artists can produce useable or saleable items, including convincing copies of existing works of art.

The following chart can be used by the gamesmaster to establish the sale values of the artist's work and the percentage chance of a forgery being spotted as a fake by a non-expert:

Time Spent Sale Value Detection
1 week 10D12 Gold Crowns Buyer's Int %
+ per week +10D12 Gold Crowns -10% (max. 10%)

The maximum time that can be spent on an average painting or sculpture is two months. Larger or finer works are at the gamemaster's discretion.

The Sale Value depends upon the Artist being acceptable to the purchaser. Not everyone in the Old World values art highly and the gamesmaster must allow for the possibility that the character's art just doesn't fit in with what people are willing to buy... Even so, the character has a 10% modifier to all Busk tests.

Artists are better at spotting forgeries themselves and should add a +15% modifier to their Int for the purposes of Detection.

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