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One or more parts of the mutant's body become shrivelled and atrophied. As a result, the mutant loses the use of part of its body. Roll a D6 to determine how many parts atrophy.

D6 Result
1-3 One
4-5 Two
6 Three

Reduce I by -5 and T by -½ per area affected.

Roll the appropriate number of D6 to determine which areas are affected:

D6  Part
1 Head - The mutant's brain shrinks as its head atrophies (Int -20) and it becomes subject to stupidity. The mutant must make a Cl test every time it does something that requires the least thought: fighting, running, moving through a doorway, etc. Failure indicates that the mutant stands still, trying to work out what happens next. Mutants with animal intelligence (Int 14) or less cannot use weapons.
2-4 Arm - An arm becomes useless. The mutant loses one weapon or claw attack (A -1). If both arms are atrophied, the mutant may only use stomptailgore, or bite attacks. Reduce the mutant's A to reflect this state of affairs.
5-6 Leg - Divide the mutant's M by two. If the mutant has only one remaining leg, it can only hop (divide M by three). If all the mutant's legs are atrophied, it cannot move without assistance or transport of some kind (M 0). The mutant loses any stomp attack(s) it has if one or more of its legs is atrophied.