Axe Of Khorne
Weapon Modifiers
Initiative None
To Hit +100
Damage Special
Parry None
The great Axes of Khorne are carried by the Bloodthirsters, his Greater Daemons. These terrible weapons are as powerful, in their fashion, as the creatures who carry them.

Each Axe has another Greater Daemon of Khorne trapped within it, and has the same profile and special rules (frenzy, hatred towards creatures of Slaanesh) as a Bloodthirster, and can attack independently of the Greater Daemon of Khorne that carries it.

The Axe gives it's bearer a +100 bonus to all to hit rolls, and can steal 32 points of S before it becomes sated. The Axe automatically passes any magic saving throws it is required to make.

The Axe can regenerate in the same fashion as a Troll, and passes this bonus onto the Bloodthirster that bears it. In effect, this means that a Bloodthirster carrying an Axe of Khorne regenerates twice - once on his behalf, and once with the aid of the Axe. Only one regeneration attempt need be successful.

An Axe of Khorne can also fly, and flies as a swooper.

In addition, The Axe of Khorne is a Daemon Weapon and shares the common properties listed for Daemon Weapons, as well as the rules regarding Sated status, Killing Fury, and releasing bound Daemons.

The Greater Daemon bound within the Axe can be called forth at any time and will appear within 6 yards of the Axe bearer. The summoned Bloodthirster does not have an Axe of its own, and will fight with its bare hands. The Axe of Khorne will then become dormant, and is treated as a magical weapon only, with no other bonuses, until the summoned Bloodthirster re-enters the weapon. No S can be stolen from slain targets while the Daemon is in its natural form.

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