Basic Profile
M 4
WS 33
BS 0
S 5
T 4
W 11
I 30
A 3
Dex -
Ld 14
Int 14
Cl 14
WP 14
Fel -
The Basilisk is a huge, eight-legged reptile which prefers to live in warm or underground places. It is a creature of Chaos, originating from the very first Incursions of Chaos, and is now well-established in the Old World, if not common. Basilisks are extremely dangerous beasts, whose gaze can petrify living creatures. The petrifying effect has a range of 10 yards and can affect a single creature per round. The victim must make a Magic test or be turned to stone instantly. The effect is permanent. In addition to their gaze attack, Basilisks attack with two claws and one bite.


A 15-foot-long lizard, with eight legs ending in clawed feet and a broad head with powerful jaws.



Psychological TraitsEdit

Basilisks cause fear in living creatures under ten feet tall.

Special RulesEdit

Characters who are not surprised may attempt to avoid the creature's gaze by covering or otherwise averting their eyes. However, they then attack with a -25% penalty to WS and the Basilisk attacks them with a bonus of +25% to WS. The Night Vision of a Basilisk extends up to 20 yards.

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