The mutant's face becomes identical to that of some sort of beast. The mutant's fear points are increased by one.

Determine the nature of the mutant's new face by rolling a D10 and consulting the table below:

D10  Face Type
1-2 The mutant gains the face of the Beast of its patron Chaos Power; for example, the face of a Fleshhound of Khorne or the face of a Beast of Nurgle. Alternatively, followers of Khorne may have dog-like faces (bite attack, A +1).
3-9 The mutant's visage alters into that of a goat and it gains a gore attack (A +1).

Roll a D20 and consult the extended table below.

D20 Face Effects
1 Ant A +1, bite attack
2 Ape Change in appearance only
3 Bat A +1, bite attack, Night Vision gained (sonar)
4 Bear Change in appearance only
5 Boar A +1, gore attack
6 Bull A

+1, gore attack

7 Deer A

+1, gore attack

8 Dog/Wolf A

+1, bite attack

9 Dragon A

+1, bite attack; may Breathe Fire in place of bite

10 Eagle A

+1, bite attack, Excellent Vision gained

11 Horse Change in appearance only
12 Lion A

+1, bite attack

13 Rabbit Acute Hearing gained
14 Rat A

+1, bite attack, Night Vision gained

15 Raven A

+1, bite attack, Excellent Vision gained

16 Sheep/Goat A

+1, gore attack

17 Snake A +1, poisonous bite attack
18 Spider A +1, bite attack (as Giant Spider)
19 Tiger A

+1, bite attack, Night Vision gained

20 Weasel A

+1, bite attack

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