Spell Details
Spell Level Battle Magic 4
Magic Points 10
Range 48 yards
Duration Instantaneous
Ingredients Gunpowder (10 shots)
This spell is the most power of the magic missile spells. Only one blast can be thrown during a round, and it may be targeted at any individual or single group. Target restrictions apply in the same way as for normal missile fire.

Blasts have a range of 48 yards and automatically hit their target. If fired into a group, the blast will hit 1D6 creatures or characters. Each hit inflicts 1D10 W at S 8 and 4D6 additional W on flammable targets.

Creatures that are subject to fear of fire and/or magic will have to make the appropriate psychological test. A victim of a blast may attempt to dodge its full effects making an I test. A successful test results in the victim only taking half damage from the blast.

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