Characters with this skill may attempt to blather against characters who speak the same tongue. Blathering can be used in almost any situation in order to gain time. Blatherers simply invent a complete string of nonsense, ranting on and on whilst their victims stand dumbfounded, wondering whether they are insane, intoxicated, or possibly dangerous. Blathering is always nonsensical - it is not an attempt to bluff, only to confuse. Blathering characters should make a test against Fel. A successful test indicates that the blathering succeeds in its purpose for that ten second combat round. Success by +10% or more points indicates that it works for D6 additional rounds. After this time, the victim will wise up and the character had better run for it.

NPCs will not remain transfixed by a blathering character if they are in obvious danger or if blatant preparations are being made to harm them. Although blathering characters may transfix any number of opponents, they are unlikely to succeed with more than one if anything else is going on around them, such as a fight.

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