Lesser Daemons Of Khorne (Khak'akamshy'y)Edit

Khorne's Chosen - Teeth of Death - Naked Slayers - Takers of Skulls - Horned Ones

Basic Profile
M 4
WS 50
BS 42
S 4
T 3
W 5
I 60
A 2
Dex 89
Ld 89
Int 89
Cl 89
WP 89
Fel 1
The Bloodletters are the rank-and-file of Khorne's daemonic armies. The greatest of the Blood God's mortal followers may become Bloodletters and the greatest of the Bloodletters may ultimately be 'elevated' to the ranks of the Bloodthirsters.

Like all Daemons of Khorne, the ferocity of the Bloodletters is boundless and they will attack almost any foe without fear or thought of the consequences. Bloodletters often ride Juggernauts, the Steeds of Khorne, into battle, shrieking his praises as they do so.


The Bloodletters stand as tall as a man, but, apart from their broad shoulders, their frames are slender and wiry, with long arms, elongated, horned skulls, and twisted, crested backs.

Their naked hides are scaled, varying slightly in colour from deep red to near orange. Their faces are pale and skull-like, with milk-white pupil-less eyes. Their long black tongues loll from their razor-toothed mouths. Their horns and claws are blackened and flecked with crimson. They wield wickedly sharp magical Hellblades of red-stained iron and brass.


Chaotic (Khorne).

Psychological TraitsEdit

As a Lesser Daemon, Bloodletters cause fear in all living creatures. They themselves are immune to psychological effects, except those caused by Greater Daemons or gods and cannot be forced to leave combat (except by such beings). All fear and terror tests are at +10 Cl, except where these are caused by Bloodthirsters. They are subject to frenzy and hatred of creatures and followers of Slaanesh.


Bloodletters, like all Daemons of Khorne, use no magic.

Magic ItemsEdit

All Bloodletters carry a Hellblade.

Special RulesEdit

Bloodletters have one weapon attack and one claw attack or one claw attack and one bite attack. Claw attacks have a 25% chance of causing infected wounds and the bite is poisonous and they can spit poison with a range of 10 yards. They can regenerate damage. A Bloodletter suffering wound damage, even to the point of death, may be able to regenerate W. One W point is regenerated every game turn (minute), up to the creature's full maximum. Bloodletters are subject to instability. Their hides provide them with 1 armour point on all locations. This profile can be modified by the Daemon's Chaos attributes.

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