Point Blank 3
Short 24
Long 48
Extreme 250
Effective Strength
Point Blank 5
Short 3
Long 3
Extreme 2
Load/Fire Times 3 rounds to load, 1 round to fire
Like the swivel gun, a blunderbuss may be loaded with a variety of projectiles, from a number of pistol balls to stones, broken glass, rusty nails, and anything else that comes to hand. Because of this, a shot from a blunderbuss may spread and may be able to affect a number of creatures which are close together. The following is an optional rule, to take into account the 'spread' of shot from a blunderbuss.

If firing into a group, roll a D4 to determine the amount of 'spread' in the shot. The die roll indicates the number of creatures which can be hit by the shot. Roll to hit each one individually. Each creature takes damage as normal. When firing at a single creature who is not part of a group, determine hits and damage normally.

A blunderbuss requires only a single shot of powder per firing, but fires 4 balls at once when loaded with standard shot.

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