Basic Profile
M 7
WS 33
BS 0
S 3
T 3
W 11
I 30
A 1
Dex -
Ld 10
Int 14
Cl 14
WP 14
Fel -
The Boars of the Old World are much larger than those of our own world. They are almost as big as a horse and, if properly trained, they can be ridden by creatures under 10 feet tall. Goblins in particular like to use them as mounts. Boars attack by goring with their tusks.


These large, hairy, pig-like creatures have prominent snouts and sharp tusks. They are about grey in colour and measure about six feet in length.



Psychological TraitsEdit

Wounded Boars are subject to frenzy.

Special RulesEdit

There is a 30% chance that anyone gored by a Boar may get infected wounds.

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