Basic Profile
M 3
WS 33
BS 0
S 8
T 8
W 17
I 60
A 8
Dex -
Ld 66
Int 2
Cl 66
WP 66
Fel -
Most Octopi are relatively harmless (if not enchanting) aquatic creatures which live, for the most part, in tropical oceans. The Bog Octopus, however, is not of this ilk. It has the look of a huge Octopus, with eight tentacles, huge round eyes, and green skin - but there the resemblance ends. These creatures live in the cold and forbidding marshes and bogs of the Old World. Their entire lives are spent squelching menacingly around in stinking mud and quagmires, surfacing occasionally to drag down and eat some passing creature. Living in such a dense medium, they are incredibly strong and, once caught by a tentacle, it is very hard for all but the strongest creatures to escape.

In combat, a Bog Octopus may attack with all 8 tentacles each round.


These mud-coloured creatures resemble giant octopi, with a central body about six feet across and eight tentacles, each about twenty feet long; some may be smaller and will have reduced characteristics.



Psychological TraitsEdit

Bog Octopi fear fire, but are otherwise immune to psychological effects.

Special RulesEdit

As well as being pinned, any creature suffering a wounding blow from a tentacle will be dragged into the bog and drowned or eaten within 3 rounds. They can only escape by inflicting 3 W from a single blow to the tentacle holding them or by making a successful test against S x 5.

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