Brittle Bone
Spell Details
Spell Level Skaven 2
Magic Points 5
Range Touch
Duration Permanent
Ingredients None

One of the oldest Skaven spells, this allows a Skaven wizard to weaken the bones of an individual target. Once the spell is cast, it remains active until the Skaven's hand touches a victim (making a successful To Hit roll) or until six rounds have passed. The standard modifiers for unarmed combat apply as normal. Once touched, the victim will suffer the following effects, depending on the affected location:

Head: The victim feels nauseous and suffers terrible headaches (-10 BS; -10 I).
Body: The victim finds it hard to breathe. Their chest is racked with pain (-10 I; -1 T).
Arm: The joints in the victim's arm ache painfully when moved. (-10 to the WS of that hand; -10 I).
Leg: The victim's leg is painful to walk upon, sending shooting pains up their spine. (-1 to M, -10 I).

In addition, any further hits to that location, after armour has been deducted, do twice the normal damage. Toughness is deducted after the damage has been doubled.

The effects of this spell are permanent, unless the victim can be treated with a Remove Curse spell cast by a 4th-level wizard, with the spell Dispel Magic, by a divine blessing, or by appropriate Shallyan curative magic.

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