This ritual can change the weather of an area with a diameter of ten miles, centred on the caster. It cannot change the weather completely, but can move it one space up or down the weather list below, or from clouds to light rain, and vice versa. It can also be used to shift the quarter from which the wind is blowing. It can be cast several times to create a drastic change in the weather. Each casting will slowly take effect over the course of an hour, and once each ritual's effects halt, the weather will slowly slip back towards 'normal' weather for the region at the rate of one step per hour.

1 Sunshine
2 Sun and cloud
3 Clouds
4 Showers
5 Light Rain
6 Rain
7 Heavy Rain
8 Thunderstorm (40% chance of snow in winter or spring)

The gamesmaster may determine the wind direction based on ideas about the prevailing winds in the part of the Old World where the campaign is set, or by rolling 1D8 and using the following list:

1 north 5 south
2 north-east 6 south-west
3 east 7 west
4 south-east 8 north-west
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