The mutant becomes a Chaos Were. It now has two forms.

Generate a random Chaos creature using the procedure set out under Chaos Spawn, but only give it D6 Chaos attributes. Keep a separate record of this creature, including a separate record of fear points, as it is the mutant's Chaos were-form.

The mutant is now subject to frenzy. When it becomes frenzied, it must make a WP test or change into its were-form for the rest of the battle.

The mutant gains 2 fear points when it changes into its were-form. These points are added to the fear point total of the were-form, not the mutant's 'normal' fear point total. This may alter the psychological effects it causes in its opponents.

Chaos Weres can only wear Chaos Armour, which changes its shape to fit both 'normal' and 'were' forms. Other types of armour must be discarded.

Every time the mutant gains a new Chaos attribute, the were-form also gains an attribute. This must be separately generated and, therefore, will rarely be the same for both forms.

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