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Dwarfs are not a numerous people. Although they live a long time, they multiply very slowly. They are clannish, often living in inaccessible castles or underground holds, but adopting many of the cultural traits of the region where they live. Thus, the Dwarfs of Norsca arguably have more in common with the Norse Humans than their cousins in the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Dwarfs are proud and very short-tempered. Dwarven history is full of occasions where indignation at some petty slight resulted in racial feuding or war. One such war was fought against the Elves of the Old World, in the legendary past. Eventually, the Elves retired from the conflict, returning to their homelands in the Elven Kingdoms, whilst the weakened Dwarfs had to face invading Goblins. The succeeding conflicts are known as the Goblin Wars, during which the Dwarven Kingdoms of the Old World were reduced to a few strongholds along the Worlds Edge Mountains. The Norse Dwarfs suffered less from the conflict, although, more recently, they have come under attack from the Incursions of Chaos and many have fled westwards across the seas to the new lands of Lustria and the South Land settlements of the New Coast.

Dwarfs are a very materialistic people: they are excellent artisans and sturdy workers. They speak Old Worlder or Norse, as well as their own secret Dwarven tongue, which they teach no one.

They have little magical aptitude and Dwarven wizards are rare. It is not impossible for a Dwarf to learn Battle Magic, but ones with the aptitude for it are few and far between. Learning magic and casting spells is seen by most Dwarfs as something that no self-respecting member of the race would want to do. Any Dwarf who wants to become a sorceror must either learn and practise in secret or leave their community to live among humans. Dwarfs cannot see the colours of magic and, therefore, cannot learn Colour magic. No Dwarf has ever been admitted to membership in any of the Imperial Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.


Dwarfs are short creatures, about five feet in height, but very broadly-built, which makes them ideally suited to underground living, tunnelling and mining. Their skin is the same shade as that of humans and their hair colour varies a great deal, although the Norse Dwarfs tend to be red-haired or blonde.


Dwarfs can be of any alignment. Most are Neutral, although some communities living in the Worlds Edge Mountains have become tainted and are Evil. (Even so, they have no truck with Goblinoids.) Similarly, some of the Norse Dwarfs have been corrupted by the Incursions of Chaos, becoming Chaotic themselves.

Psychological Traits[]

Dwarfs hate all goblinoids and are subject to animosity toward Elves. The Norse Dwarfs have a similar cultural outlook to the Human Norse. Their communities support a number of berserkers - violent Dwarfs who are subject to frenzy and alcoholism.

Special Rules[]

Dwarfs have Night Vision extending up to 30 yards.