Fire Ball
Spell Details
Spell Level Battle Magic 1
Magic Points 1 per fire ball
Range 48 yards
Duration Instantaneous
Ingredients A ball of sulphur
Characters casting this spell can literally throw a ball of fire at their enemies, causing a great deal of damage and consternation. Only one fire ball per level may be thrown per combat round. Each spell must be targeted at the same character or group of characters or creatures. Target restrictions apply in the same way as for normal missile fire.

Fire balls automatically hit their target. If a fire ball is fired into a group, it will hit 1D3 creatures per level of the caster. Each hit has a S of 3 and causes 1D10 W on one target (irrespective of any armour). Flammable targets suffer an additional 1D8 W.

Creatures that are subject to fear of fire will have to make a Fear test.

Fire balls are magic missiles. A victim of a fire ball may attempt to reduce the effects of the blast by testing against I. A successful dodge results in the character taking only half damage from the fire ball.

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