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Characters suffering from severe mental trauma may sometimes totally lose control, becoming dangerous killing machines, perils to friend and foe alike. This test is only taken by characters susceptible or 'subject' to frenzy - those who are crazy, jumpy, ill-tempered, and violent. Characters may become subject to Frenzy as a result of gaining a psychological disorder, but some creatures are naturally unstable. The test is made against Cl, whenever the character is placed under some kind of stress - principally at the beginning of an encounter.

If the test is passed, there is no effect. Characters who fail the test lose control for the duration of the encounter and become subject to the following rules:

  1. They are oblivious to danger and cannot be compelled to leave combat. Fear and Terror tests are not taken or are disregarded.
  2. They are concerned only with killing their enemies - they may not parry and always press attacks where given the opportunity.
  3. They are possessed of insane strength - adding +1 to all combat damage caused.
  4. They are overcome with blind fury and are completely oblivious to damage they take - modify all damage rolls by -1.