Giants are a diverse group of creatures and their size varies a great deal. All belong to the Giant Race, although many may have different features; for example, the Cyclops is a Giant distinguished by having only a single eye. Many of the larger Giants live solitary or isolated lives, often amongst inaccessible mountains. They are a danger to travellers and the unwary. They are relatively common in northern Norsca, which is sometimes called the Giant Lands. Originally, they lived all over the Old World, but were driven out by the expanding Human races. However, isolated bands may still be found among many of the Old World mountain ranges.

Physique[edit | edit source]

Giants look very much like Humans, but are far larger - ranging between ten and twenty feet in height. Many Giants have very thin spindly arms and legs, and most give the impression of being dim-witted and foolish; this is in no way deceptive.

Alignment[edit | edit source]

Good, Neutral, Evil, or Chaotic.

Psychological Traits[edit | edit source]

Giants cause fear in humanoids under ten feet tall. Giants with a S of 5 or more are subject to stupidity.

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

Giants may throw rocks or other improvised missiles a distance of up to four times their S in yards, with a S equal to their own if they hit.

Giants are also subject to alcoholism. Drunken Giants forced to retreat in combat will fall over unless they make a successful I test. If this is failed, they stagger back 1D4 yards before toppling over - squashing any characters they land on. Establish the direction of fall using a 'clock-face' chart with 12 o'clock to the front, then roll D20 - scores above 12 count as 12 o'clock. Fallen giants cover an area equal to their height multiplied by three yards wide. Characters wholly or partly within this area are hit on a D6 score of 4 or more. Roll for each character individually - each character struck takes 1D6 W at a S equal to that of the Giant. Characters struck but not slain are assumed to have crawled out from underneath by the start of the next round. The Giant may rise at the beginning of any round by passing a Dex test, but counts as a prone target until then and may not fight.

Giants vary a great deal in their size and characteristics. This profile is for a giant approximately 10 feet tall. Profiles for giants of various sizes can be worked out as follows: for each 1½ feet of height, the Giant has a M of 1 (max 6) and 1D6 W. S and T are equal to 1 point plus 1 per 1½ feet of the giant's height, and the Giant has a number of A equal to 1 for each 1½ feet of height, minus 1. All other characteristics remain the same.

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