This test is usually applied to especially dull-witted creatures - those described in the Bestiary as "subject to Stupidity". Characters may sometimes be overcome by stupidity as the result of magic, insanity, or other unusual situations. These are described elsewhere.

The gamesmaster applies the test at any appropriate time, usually when the character is under stress, such as when combat commences. Make a test against the character's Int; if it is successful, the character is not affected by Stupidity for that encounter sequence. Characters who fail the test are overcome by stupidity and the GM should roll on the chart below to see what they do each round.

01-20% Nothing: Their eyes take on a dazed expression and they steadfastly refuse to do anything at all. If such a character suffers combat damage, add 20% to all subsequent rolls on this chart during the encounter.
21-40% Confused: They have sufficient wits to move (half rate) and to defend themselves by parrying, but they may not use skills or magical abilities, nor may they attack.
41-60% Disoriented: They are vaguely aware of what is happening and may defend themselves by parrying and using all available skills to reduce combat damage. They may not attack. They may move at cautious or standard rates, but may not run. Any spells cast by such characters have half the normal chance of working.
61-80% Dull-witted: They can just about manage to put up a fight. Their A characteristic is reduced to 1, but they may attack once or parry once in a round.
81-100% Confused but resolute: They are not quite sure what's going on, but will lash out with any weapons at the nearest creature (be it friend or foe), bellowing loud war cries and shouting encouragement to their fellows. Their attacks and skill use are as normal, but may be misdirected.
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