Elementalists are able to manipulate the four elements (or life forces) of air, earth, fire, and water. Elemental magic allows them to summon short-lived personifications of these forces - creatures known as Elementals.

Summoning Elementals[edit | edit source]

All summoning spells are performed in a similar manner. The Elementalist first casts the spell to summon the Elemental. When the creature appears, the caster must attempt to control it by making a successful test against WP, augmented by using magic points, if desired. If the test is failed, the Elemental will act in any way the gamesmaster wishes or randomly, as indicated below:

Die Roll Action
1 Do nothing
2 Attack the nearest hostile (to the summoner) group
3 Attack the nearest hostile (to the summoner) character
4 Attack the nearest group/character
5 Attack the nearest group/character friendly to the summoner
6 Attack the summoner

Dematerialisation[edit | edit source]

Like Daemons and Undead, Elementals are subject to instability. This is tested for at the beginning of each round; a roll of 6 on a D6 indicates that the Elemental is affected by instability.

The first time an Elemental becomes unstable, it may do nothing at all for one round. Should an Elemental become unstable a second time, it is instantly destroyed.

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